Will my candle overflow when burning?

Some of our dessert candles are full and beautiful we recommend putting a small candle plate underneath just in case! 

How do I get the best burn?

We recommend allowing your candle to burn around 4 hours at a time. On your first burn always make sure to allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the jar. Always, ALWAYS keep your wicks trimmed 1/4” at all times! 

How long does your 17 oz candles burn?

Our burn time is around 50-100 hours!

What are squeezies?

Our squeezies are the new generation of wax melts! They are just in liquid form. Squeezies are 2x the fragrance strength of traditional melts. A little goes a long way with these! 

What are dough bowls?

Dough bowls are hand carved wood vessels that hold around 10-12oz of wax! Once your candle is burned out they make for a perfect decor piece!

What kind of ingredients are in your candle?

We use coconut wax and phthalate free, skin safe fragrance oils. Making our candles safe for you and you furry friends! 

Where is a safe place to sit my candle?

Always keep your candle in a draft free area out of reach from children and pets! 

Can I recycle my jar?

Yes! We offer $2 off your next purchase when you return jars to us. We also can refill your candles!